Music producer Ela Minus presents synth fuelled song “dominique”

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Colombian musician Ela Minus presents a final single, “dominique,” leading into the release of her debut album, acts of rebellion, out this Friday, October 23rd on Domino. It’s the follow-up to a string of singles/videos, “el cielo no es de nadie,” “megapunk,” and “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong.” “dominique” is Ela’s most diaristic song on the album, documenting her time making the album last year in complete solitude. Minus’ voice is methodical and calm over quick beat sequences and glowing synthesizers: “today I woke up at 7PM // my brain feels like it’s going to break // I haven’t seen anyone in a couple of days // I am afraid I forgot how to talk // to anyone else that’s not myself // no quiero dormir hasta que salga el sol // no puedo dormir hasta que salga el sol.” Despite its lyrics of withdrawal, “dominique” exemplifies acts of rebellions’ call to embrace the beauty of tiny, every day acts of revolution by carving out a personal space to expand on personal identity and creative endeavors.

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