The Toxic Avenger shares cinematic French-electro EP

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As the week draws to a close and we enter another weekend break, why not shift into it with peace and tranquility while enjoying The Toxic Avenger’s cinematic and soothing EP Carbon Toxique? The producer previously featured on Synthian with his EP Shifted which had an ominous and eerie mood throughout. Carbone Toxique is based on a comic and takes a lighter approach with its minimal qualities. Although track ‘87,6%’ still has that rich synthwave element. 

Stream/ download: Carbone Toxique EP

Released via Enchanté Records, this 5-track EP is daring in its combination of French-electro, synthwave, and subtle ambient embellishments that grace the entire release. The Toxic Avenger shares further insight on how the concept came to be: “ I worked on this record as I would have worked on an Original Film Strip, as Mathieu Bablet’s Comic Strip is so cinematic. The heroes travel, so I tried to make the listener of this soundtrack travel. I composed the soundtrack for this adventure by transcribing as best I could Mathieu’s desires, and his vision of things. A vision, I believe, is both disembodied and ultimately teeming with life.”

EP track  ‘87,6%’  features on

The overall mood of the EP has an adventurous tone that has one picturing themselves being rescued by their hero in shining armor. Or slaying the evil beings/entities that get in their way as they try and save the town from ruin.

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