Celestial Songstress I’MMORTAL Shares ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ Video

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I’MMORTAL, avant-pop artist based in New York and London, has released a captivating music video for her third single, ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’, on 7 June under her label, Immortality. Praised by Metal Magazine, this follows her debut tech-house single, ‘Versace Spaceship’, and the electropop anthem ‘Supervillain’, which received acclaim from CLASH Magazine and Earmilk. Despite being new to the scene, I’MMORTAL’s first two singles have garnered 50,000 streams, with growing listeners and playlist placements. Originally from California, she developed her musical skills in orchestras and high school musicals. Her EDM-influenced sound is enriched by her audio-visual synesthesia, blending imaginative beats with vivid visuals that explore themes of death, rebirth, and her AAPI identity.

The music video for ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ unfolds like a feverish vision, with I’MMORTAL flawlessly embodying a dark, deity-like figure. Directed by the acclaimed PXKRW, renowned for their talent in crafting hypnotic, hyper-realistic dreamscapes and alternate realities, the video is a stunningly eerie experience. It transports viewers into a mystical dimension where themes of destruction, death, and rebirth are vividly portrayed. The hauntingly beautiful visuals, accentuated by dim lighting and sporadic flashes, create a disorienting effect, enhancing the surreal atmosphere. I’MMORTAL enchants the audience with her spellbinding movements and expressive gestures, drawing them deeper into her captivating and otherworldly realm. The video’s intricate blend of dark aesthetics and immersive storytelling showcases I’MMORTAL‘s unique artistic vision and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

I’MMORTAL shared: “This music video is a reflection of the concept metamorphosis. I had the wonderful chance to collaborate with the directing duo PXKRW over the span of a couple months. Since the song is about rebirth, PXKRW fleshed out the concept to encapsulate this supernatural being undergoing a very raw transformation. PXKRW wanted to create a performance-based video with stunning styling and makeup to compliment their signature VFX. The styling and makeup was very intentional to the metamorphosis theme, as we wanted there to be a stark difference between the initial white dress look and the final black dress look. My personal favorite was the second neo-baby bump look, which combined with PXKRW’s VFX genius ultimately became a representation of the chrysalis stage of metamorphosis. This was also the first time I did a movement-based project, and I spent a lot of time working with the movement director (Donna Kim) to put intention behind the movement. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in a good way, and I feel inspired to learn more about movement for future projects!”


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