Catch Jay Wud’s latest experimental LP, Dark Cinema

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Jay Wud, a rising electronic producer hailing from Dubai, has just released his latest LP, Dark Cinema via his own imprint. The album was premiered via premiered via CLASH Magazine on Friday the 27th and travels across genres, deftly defying attempts to categorise it. However, there are some pretty strong wave stylings that stood out to use throughout the experimental works. Dark Cinema can be compared to the great works of Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never, Forest Swords and Mono/Poly.

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“Dark Cinema is an emotionally driven record inspired by our current world events in 2020. Every track narrates a period during lockdown and was my way of summarizing this chaos in sound.”Jay Wud shares insight on the creation of the album.

We can see a build-up of the year’s anxiety being explored in ‘I Can’t Breathe’ as the impressive production style paired with the hyperventilating vocals draw the listener closer to their own panic attack, before deftly darting away into a more rhythmic and soothing ‘Poetic Justice’. The two songs were shared ahead of the album, exploring but a few emotions that are found within the rest of the LP.  

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