DJ Stereo Amp Surfer remixes iconic song by Cutting Crew

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Born out of the love for eighties sound, STEREO AMP SURFER is a Retrowave, 80s inspired electronic music project from European Dance Producer Nils Karsten – who already released hundreds of tracks with major labels, remixed many Top10 Chart acts and is well established in the Dance market.

The 2020 brand new created project benefits from his Signature flavor, driven by powerfully melodies and catchy harmonies, which have a strong appeal for synth pop. Besides writing his own tracks, Nils has always been a big fan of the huge hits of the mid 80s, and always wanted to create an 80s vibe cover of one of the biggest hits of those days: “(I just) died in your arms”.

“When I heard the song back in the days the first time, it fully blew me away! This absolute unique power hymn performed by Cutting Crew is one of the iconic songs of that decade.I feel so honored, being able to release a cover of this song”

The full bandwidth of analog sounds combined with modern Synthwave elements creates quite a unique tune and style. Enjoy the rich sound from the past, powerful vintage synth, tight bass lines blended with modernized elements from today, taking the vibe from forgotten cassette tapes into this century. The fact Nils produces dance music successfully since more than 20 years, allows to fully release all his engineering and composing skills and craft a real high fidelity experience.

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