System Olympia offers mini-LP Racing Heart

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With certain poets and on certain occasions, 

thought and word are identical. 

Words come identical with the thought forms. 

In this record

System Olympia 

tried to do the same with emotion and sound.

Truthful, mesmerising layers of golden pads, romantic lyrics 

and vivid visions 

all come together to develop a story that comes to life through songs: 

London-based singer, songwriter and producer System Olympia is set to release ‘Racing Heart’  

a smouldering and sultry 7-track mini-LP crosses the boundaries of synth-pop, indie dance and RnB, on October 14th via her own label Okay Nature.

The project was written, recorded and mixed entirely by her.

Each vinyl is accompanied by incense made in collaboration with System Olympia and Gayarama, a travelling brand founded by two sisters Chiara Dolma and Gaya. Each box contains 20 x 30-minute ropes for a total burn time of 10hrs. Handmade in the Himalayan mountains from the organic plant material and packaged in a reusable and recyclable box. It is the perfect accompaniment to System Olympia’s dazzling soundscape

is From The Sun.

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