Singer ena mori shares anthem ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’

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Ever felt like you didn’t belong for a fleeting moment, or maybe a while? ena mori’s latest single ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ speaks of her personal journey in following her own path as a young person in a cutthroat and unjust society. Although showcasing energetic and inviting stylings, the track dwells on thought-provoking topics like feeling alienated because of your differences and losing grip of your reality.

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The singer shared her previous experience that inspired this latest single, released via Offshore Music Ph: “Being mixed race and overweight, I used to get bullied at school and many times, I felt like an outcast. KING OF THE NIGHT is inspired by my early teen experience as an outcast in hopes of encouraging many kids out there to embrace who they are. My producer, Tim, and I wanted to experiment with a different texture that somehow contrasts each other, such as coming from soft auto-tune vocals to a big chant-like chorus, and an electronic beat to a marching band section.”

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Following on with charming energy like its predecessor ‘SOS’ (read our previous feature here), ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ unravels another layer into the singer’s personal diary and she recalls her own struggles with fitting in as a teenager. A delightful culmination of electronic embellishments amidst a vibrant pop landscape, ena mori has that wow factor that needs to be acknowledged with all of her releases. 

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