Synthpop producer Runrummer announces cosmic EP

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Brummie born but London based, Runrummer is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Nightcaller’, lifted from her forthcoming EP ‘Outer Space’ on 8th October, coinciding with a series of shows across the UK this autumn. 

Fusing 80s new wave sensibilities over an infectious synth-pop melody, the accompanying video for ‘Nightcaller’ pays homage to an era long gone while still feeling markedly current.

Runrummer explains: “I wanted to make a music video in person but, due to the pandemic, I had to think of a way to create something special remotely. I’m a big fan of pixel art and was inspired by the music video for ‘Move Your Feet’ by Junior Senior. I connected with Madrid-based pixel animator Apoonto and we hit it off straight away. Our goal was to create a playful game-boy inspired adventure which really vibes with the 80s aesthetic of the song. The story follows me in my Dad’s old Datsun Cherry (the car which is also the centrepiece of the single artwork) as I travel across synth-wave London to play a gig. I gain magical powers as I’m presented with a mysterious road block, but when I arrive at the gig I find it being terrorised by monsters. I have to use my powers to defeat evil, culminating in a big final battle on stage with my band. Of course justice prevails, we defeat the monsters and shoot up into the night sky as the song reaches its end”.

Runrummer is a creative cast in the mould of artists like Christine & The Queens, Shura and St Vincent. A prolific songwriter, she also produces much of her own material and, despite spending the last 12 months in lockdown, has not wasted any time in making a name for herself. Runrummer opened the Introducing Stage at Radio 1’s Virtual Big Weekend, released a track with the prestigious Kitsuné Musique, and had a top 15 hit in the Music Week Club Chart, all from the comfort of her bedroom. Recent track ‘Timeshare’ has charted on iTunes Norway, and she has featured on Spotify‘s New Music Friday, New Pop UK, Alt-Pop, Wholesome, Peach and Monday Spin playlists; an impressive track record for a relative newcomer.

A passionate member of the LGBTQ+ community, many of her lyrics confront personal struggles with sexuality, gender identity and mental health. Officially tipped by BBC Introducing as “one to watch”, she oozes a distinctive form of alt-pop which effortlessly blends indie and electro with an often 80s nature, the latter of which can be heard strongly in her latest EP ‘Outer Space’. 

She goes on to add: “So excited this EP is finally here! This is me living my ultimate David Bowie life on Mars fantasy and I can’t wait for people to hear it. A musical interlude from 12 months in lockdown. Take a listen and float away.”

The ‘Outer Space’ EP represents a real development in sound for Runrummer, moving towards a more thoughtful indie focus while resolutely keeping one foot in the alt-pop sphere. It’s full to the brim with lush 80s synth-wave soundscapes. Lead single ‘Nightcaller’ hints at influences from The Weekend‘s ‘Blinding Lights’, while ‘Sunny Day’ tips a hat to the trip-hop world of Massive Attack and Portishead. ‘Cosmic Love’ takes you on an epic space odyssey; enveloping you in a david-bowie-floating-in-a-tin-can fantasy, complete with audio samples from Sputnik and NASAs Apollo 10 mission. This EP is a picture of an artist experimenting with new sounds and finding her feet as a serious musician. It is the final in a trio of EPs, making way for Runrummer‘s debut album in 2022.

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