iFeature shines with new DIY single ‘Told Myself’

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Released September 22, 2023, ‘Told Myself’ is the latest brain-child of Paris-based iFeature (Jan Contopidis). The song and its accompanying music video have already accumulated 1.4k views (and counting) in just 4 days since its release. Originally from Hamburg (Germany), iFeature is a genre-blending artist with an extensive discography. He is known for his unwavering DIY approach to everything he makes – ‘Told Myself’ is a testament to this. The songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, cover art, music video and social media promotion have all been done by iFeature himself. 

‘Told Myself’ seamlessly combines elements of drum & bass, hip hop, electronica and pop rock. With a BPM of 174 that is bound to get your heart racing, the track takes you on a journey through space, time and emotion. The DnB-esque beat glitches and crackles, catching you when you least expect it. Dark synths drone and pulse, electric and bass guitars add texture and depth respectively, and the passionate vocals sing poignant lyrics. The production is mind-melting, the emotion is potent – it is a refreshing listen, probably unlike anything you have encountered before. 

iFeature states, “I wanted ‘Told Myself’ to be a fully self-expressed work of art, where every element, from the music to the visuals, reflects my creative vision. It’s a labor of love, and I hope it resonates with listeners as deeply as it resonates with me.” 

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