Das Mortal shares electrifying album ‘BURY THE SORROW’

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Synthwave producer Das Mörtal is back with his latest album, BURY THE SORROW, released on October 13th through Lisbon Lux Records. Now established among the foremost Synthwave producers globally, this enigmatic artist is carving out his distinct sonic and visual identity. His music has garnered acclaim from esteemed industry publications such as CLASH Magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine, METAL Magazine, Run The Trap, Canadian Beats, MetalSucks, Cult MTL, Le Canal Auditif, Ottawa Life Magazine, DIFFUS Magazine, VOLT Magazine, and Brutal Resonance, among others. With over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, Das Mörtal has garnered substantial media and radio support across multiple countries and earned a presence on influential YouTube channels like NewRetroWave.

BURY THE SORROW signifies a novel creative trajectory for Das Mörtal’s music production. Diverging from his earlier works, which drew inspiration from imaginary narratives, this album delves into themes of mental turmoil, the weight of societal pressures, and other tribulations exacerbated by the quarantine of Covid. It’s deeply personal and relatable, serving as an authentic expression of his emotions and thoughts. The global pandemic not only molded the overarching themes of the album but also resonates within the individual tracks, which constantly shift in style and mood. From techno to trap, interwoven with hints of dark trip-hop, one can discern the album’s creation within an unstable mindset, all the while retaining the occult electro and techno aesthetic that Das Mörtal has become renowned for.

Das Mortal had this to say about the LP: “Making this album had been a mostly difficult time for me, that was filled with unhealthy dark moments, but I wanted to end on a lighter and more hopeful tone. Even though the process of producing all these tracks had broken me a bit, I wouldn’t let it keep me from eventually finding life fun again. I thought that the classic “feel good” Breakbeat Hardcore beats from 90’s UK raves would help bring the idea of ending on a positive note home with its old-school breaks and stabs that made so many people rage on the dancefloors back then.“

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