Multi-talented musician and producer Solarrio sizzles with synthpop single ‘B The 1’

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Born David Barenboim in Paris, France, Solarrio released his new single ‘B The 1’ on the 5th of September. Co-founding Level Eight Entertainment with artist Megaloh in 2003, Solarrio showcased his production prowess by collaborating with rap legend Kurupt for Megaloh‘s debut album.

This endeavor was followed by the release of the collaborative project “Reim Geschätlich“, which featured prominent figures from the German rap scene. Solarrio’s talents extended beyond Germany as his remix found a place on Lang Lang’sDreams of China” (2008 Olympic Games Edition). Releasing his first self-titled EP in 2017 and “Isolate” EP in 2019, Solarrio‘s music found its stride, resonating with audiences across the globe. 

Luscious and nostalgic, B The 1 is a synthetic love story. Featuring a trademark rolling 80’s bass and airy, ethereal stabs, Solarrio sings about a fictional love that he simply can’t stop searching for. One where he ponders the question of what ‘the one’ truly means, and where she may be. Dripping in glitter and analog flair, Solarrio nails the vibe aesthetically, transporting the listener to a different moment in time. With elements of Synthwave and mainstream Pop, it’s a track with a chemical appeal fit for all. 

Solarrio shares: “The song is about looking for love and wondering if that person is the one for you. What are you looking for in a partner? Also, a recurring theme on the album.” This introspective exploration is a hallmark of Solarrio’s music, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences.”

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