Producer Luminist mesmerise with new album Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack)

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Under Infinite Hex, video game music tunesmith Luminist released his latest album Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack) on the 27th of January. James Shuar, alias Luminist, has released two EPs to date titled Simulations and Infinity Mirrors respectively. In addition, the outstanding producer is the recipient of a New Zealand Game Award in the Excellence in Audio category for the soundtracks he produced.

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Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Original Soundtrack) is a 38-track album that starts with the song ‘Determination’ and ends with ‘Not This Time’. The title of these tracks illicit a conversation that should take place in the heart of every person capable of reasoning and the discoveries from these conversations are to revel in the heart because those conversations will most likely take place again. If one does not have the required ‘determination’ to do something, the answer is ‘not this time’ and that there will be a next time when a determination will be present. 

Musician Luminist relays his experience in the making of the new album:  “This was my first time writing music for a videogame, and it was a huge learning experience. A big part of the game features rhythm gameplay elements similar to Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution – it was a challenge but ultimately really fun writing music that the listener will literally play to the beat themselves in order to move the story forward”.

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