Wave musician O Squared share new album Found A Unicorn

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Record Sounds Like: A world of sound, inspired by Outer space as well as the organic. Sounds of nature are converted into electronic waves, injected with a lot of souls.


Nature tends to be still on the outside, yet is full of activity beneath the surface. Mushrooms and the fungal network combined with the roots of trees enable smooth communication and delivery of nutrients. These nutrients are now delivered to your ear.

Asante In The Jungle:

Zanzibar is home to a magical connection with mother nature, as she whispers her secrets. Her nature is preserved in sound, as coconut trees dance to her jazz in the background.

I Found A Unicorn:

Walking off the beaten path, you enjoy your twilight stroll. Something catches your eye behind that oak tree, and behold a unicorn shines through the leaves to greet you! You attempt to touch, but all vanishes in that fleeting moment as you are whisked back to reality.

Track Listing:

1. Mycophile

2. Mycophile (Outer Space Edit)

3. Asante In The Jungle

3. I Found A Unicorn

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