Electronic artist Deadcrow offers flaming new song ‘Hyperdrive’

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Under Quality Goods Records, musician Deadcrow unleashes his brand new track  ‘Hyperdrive’ on the 27th of January. The expressive and edgy artist enjoys support from notable industry publications counting EDM Identity and Dancing Astronaut just to name a few, producing music that is similar to the musical sounds of MYSTXRIVL, Kareful, and KAVERN.

Stream / Download: Deadcrow – ‘Hyperdrive’

Indefatigable is the perfect word to describe ‘Hyperdrive’ because of the pace and electronic synths which try to outperform each other persistently throughout the song until it progresses to grandiose accelerated high-pitched synths. These synths chase each other relentlessly until the end and they are intercepted by the bass beat towards the middle of the song. The track is bold and elegant mysteriously advancing to its end like a calm sea just before a storm. 

Felix Ruocco, alias, Deadcrow discusses the elements he envisioned for ‘Hyperdrive’ with these words: “The goal was to make a riddim track but with wave sound design, and of course a nod to hardstyle in the build”.

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