Listen to musical mastermind Neon Valley’s sparkling new single, ‘One Night’

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Enigmatic French singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Neon Valley (Deji Siegert) is set to release his new single, ‘One Night’, on the 1st of December 2023. The track follows the release of two singles signed with the prestigious label KIDinaKORNER, led by Alex da Kid (producing for Eminem, Rihanna, and Dr. Dre), and the release of the single, Fortune Cookie’, a few weeks ago. Drawing inspiration from the pop sounds of the late 70s and early 80s, Neon Valley creates each song in his home studio. His distinctive style blends the evocative charm of the past with a fresh, modern twist, creating an immersive musical experience. 

‘One Night’ is a lush synth-pop track that invites listeners on a journey through a labyrinth of emotions, showcasing Neon Valley’s prowess in his blending of nostalgic retro sounds with crisp contemporary production techniques, creating a sonic landscape that transcends time. Neon Valley’s velvety voice soars over his tight arrangements of the trademark big drums, rich electric guitars and pulsing synths of the 80s. ‘One Night’ is ready for a nostalgic sequence in a film soundtrack. 

Neon Valley divulged: “‘One Night’ is a synth pop song driven by synthesizers, electric guitars and gated reverb drums that draws inspiration from the 80s. The lyrics touch on themes of regrets and loneliness.

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