Orofino marks his Life and Death Records debut with Amsterdam Single

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Sicilian musician Orofino shared his debut single, ‘Amsterdam’ featuring La Comitiva via Life and Death Records on the 26th of May. The original will be accompanied by a remix treatment by prominent Italian electronic dance DJ, producer, label head DJ Tennis slated for release on the 2nd of June.

Orofino’s first offering was inspired by collaborations, friendship and the time he spent touring with Erlend Øye as La Comitiva and showcases his love for Brazilian flavors, rhythms, and sexy beats, reminiscent of Farofa Carioca and Jorge Ben Jor.

Manfredi Romano aka DJ Tennis and Orofino met in Mexico where the kindred spirits immediately hit it off. After bouncing versions back and forth between Siracusa and also a studio in Paris, the final version was realized, full of floaty Rhodes chords and cavaquinho thrills that will lighten any dance.

The song’s collaborators include players from La Comitiva and I Calafatari, Lucio Aquilina (NuGenea) and Luigi Scialdone (Fitness Forever), while the lyrics were written together with Alberto Locatelli.

Tune in here.

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