Lofi Girl launches Synthwave radio

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Image credit: Lofi Girl YouTube Channel

Known for their ever-popular Youtube live stream, lofi hip hop radio, French channel and label Lofi Girl has launched something new and exciting. Listeners can now immerse themselves in their favourite first-person shooter or RPG game while jamming to the nostalgic tones of synthwave. 

Lofi Girl launched synthwave radio around the 11th of April after a brief lapse in the streaming of their original live stream. Apparently, business as usual was halted due to copyright issues. It is easy to imagine the panic: devotees of the channel holding their breaths, wondering what happened to their favourite anime girl and her perpetually purring feline.

Over the years, the channel has become synonymous with background music, offering its listenership music to chill to, and fans have followed its growth religiously as it evolved from its former moniker, ChilledCow, to what is today. It is nice to see that avid listeners are still keeping the community alive in the always-active live chat. And with their new synthwave offering, Lofi Girl continues to give listeners something to talk about.

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