Witchcraft and stunning imagery in Das Mörtal’s latest music video

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Follow the enrapturing tale of two witches facing heartbreak with Das Mörtal‘s latest music video for ‘It Comes’. Shared today, via Lisbon Lux Records, the single is taken from the producer’s newly released album Miami Beach Witches. The album will be presented  during an immersive live show at Montreal’s SAT in February 2021.

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Das Mortal’s It Comes is the type of track that is an absolute pleasure to get to work with in terms of creating a video. It has a great sense of atmosphere, incredibly cinematic, which is always an exciting jumping off point. As soon as I heard the track the visual language and aesthetic immediately felt present in my mind. Also, I loved the idea of reaching back to these teen films from the 90s, playing with that nostalgia while having a chance to update that genre in a way that felt more urgent and weighty.” Kevan Funk, director of the music video, shares a little about the creation process.

The video embraces mysticism and vengeance-fuelled actions with stunning scenery and vibrant synth-ridden basslines.

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