Motion Colors deliver ethereal ambience in their new track, ‘Totality’

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Motion Colors, a musician, artist, and director, unveiled a breathtaking new single titled ‘Totality’ on April 26, 2024, through Motion Waves Music. This track is featured on his three-track album, Genesis, which is now accessible for streaming on all platforms.

Motion Colors represents an innovative artistic endeavor, poised to explore uncharted territories in electronic music and visual creativity. With a rich 18-year history spanning diverse creative pursuits, Motion Colors is driven by a forward-thinking perspective. Its aim extends beyond enhancing electronic music to venturing into the realms of filmmaking and direction, forging new paths where sound and visual storytelling converge.

‘Totality’ captivates with its enchanting ambient soundscape, transporting the listener to faraway realms. Seamlessly transitioning between tranquil interludes featuring soothing synths and ethereal pads, and dynamic passages of powerful, raw sawtooth waves reminiscent of the expanses of outer space, the track leads listeners on an unforgettable journey.

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