[PREMIERE] juche is back with another single, ‘reach’.

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Not all artists want their name and story plastered all over the internet. Music and art have many different forms, and juche is truly unique. In what seems to be an exercise in a narrative concept album, little info can be found about juche. Instead, what pops up is texts about governments taking control, mass genocide to ensure profit and a story that will keep you intrigued. 

juche calls it the “future love story” and it’s set in an a totalitarian dystopian future. 
Check out the website for more about the story that slowly unfolds with each new track. It could quickly be summarized as a new world order, where the government controls the health of each person via an implanted microchip to benefit the profits of the ‘elite’. It’s quite a captivating idea, and juche seems to be at the centre of it. 

juche’s latest release, ‘reach‘, has the listener hooked from start to finish. Keep the overbearing story in mind, as you take in the atmospheric track. Layered production adds positivity to the ominous track. ‘reach‘ creates the image of love in an otherwise hopeless situation. 

Also available as a free download, juche shared a brand new song via The Playground today. Listen to ‘reach’ here:


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