FREE.D unveil debut single “Kiss Full of Funk”

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‘Kiss Full of Funk’ is the debut single to come from Moscow based producer FREE.D, self released on his very own Hidden Vibes label.  Teaming up with saxophonist Egor Shamanin, who performs as part Guru Groove Foundation, have received plaudits all over Europe, as well as over a million views on YouTube. The German duo Lissat & Voltaxx who have received multiple number 1 remixes across Europe were the first to remix the track.

FREE.D said of his inspiration with the songwriting process, “I always have stories in my mind about music idols as a source of inspiration. One of my favourites is about Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones rockin live at Checkerboard Lounge in 1981. You see how legends respect the live sound jamming with all possible sound sources making music alive. That’s the moment when I redesigned my project, transforming samples into live instrument parts. ‘Kiss Full of Funk’ had a pure electronic sound before I found a real saxophone hero from the rising star band Guru Groove Foundation – Egor Shamanin. We recorded a live sax session improvising with the original sample. As a result there is a 100% live sax as a main layer which is supported by the reverb sax sample on the backs making on a master output a real magic saxophone flow. I also looked for a talented synthy-pop guy – Gregory Alexander – with whom we made a brilliant live vocal party. Spending months arranging all that made me happy at the end of the day – live instruments mixed with pumping electronic sound. Pure energy.”
The single is now available on Beatport.
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