Tori Amos, The Weeknd, Grimes, ena mori, Bjork Tori Amos, The Weeknd, Grimes, ena mori, Bjork

Singer ena mori shares anthem ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’

    Image credit: Telle Ramos Ever felt like you didn’t belong for a fleeting moment, or maybe a while? ena mori’s latest single ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ speaks of her personal journey in following her own path as a young person in a cutthroat and unjust society. Although showcasing energetic and inviting stylings, the track dwells [Continue]

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The Midnight, CHVRCHES and FM-84 The Midnight, CHVRCHES and FM-84

Duo The Midnight tease forthcoming album with their latest song ‘Heartbeat’

Image Credit: Jimmy Fontaine The Midnight have announced their new full-length studio album ‘Heroes‘, out 9th September on Counter Records. Pre-Order / Pre-Save ‘Heroes’ The announcement coincides with the release of their new single ‘Heartbeat’, a rousing and electrifying track that helps set the tone for the album, which was written during isolation by the [Continue]

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Tori Amos, The Weeknd, Grimes , ena mori Tori Amos, The Weeknd, Grimes , ena mori

Musician ena mori shares charming synth pop song

    Image credit: Telle Ramos Singer ena mori shares a liberating message with her new song ‘SOS’. Set for official release via Offshore Music Ph on the 3rd of June, this high-energy anthem is suited to any synth-pop lovers playlist. This single was written with the intention of making the listener feel good and ready to [Continue]

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Pertubator, Cassetter, Magic Sword Pertubator, Cassetter, Magic Sword

Music producer Cassetter shares dark synthwave album

Cassetter goes dark, dropping his latest album Lights Out, available now. Known for fusing throwbacks of the past with modern music, Cassetter‘s new album features a plethora of genres ranging from Synthwave, Electro, Darksynth, and Cyberpunk to Mid-Tempo, House, and Techno with appearances from d.notive, Maxthor, Whitney Peyton, and Amy Wallace. The producer shared his [Continue]

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John Carpenter, Kavinsky, The Toxic Avenger, Daft Punk John Carpenter, Kavinsky, The Toxic Avenger, Daft Punk

The Toxic Avenger shares cinematic French-electro EP

    Image credit: Négatif-Ju Patrice As the week draws to a close and we enter another weekend break, why not shift into it with peace and tranquility while enjoying The Toxic Avenger’s cinematic and soothing EP Carbon Toxique? The producer previously featured on Synthian with his EP Shifted which had an ominous and eerie mood throughout. [Continue]

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Melanie Wehbe, CHVRCHES and Allie X

Melanie Wehbe shares synthpop infused song

Melanie Wehbe is introducing us to a new chapter by releasing ’Like I Do’, the first single from her upcoming debut EP Bloom. She will be serving us another liberating anthem and letting us in even closer through a song about finding self-love. ”I wrote my first song when I was 14. Back then I [Continue]

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The Weeknd, Busy P, Kavinsky, Antoine Chambe The Weeknd, Busy P, Kavinsky, Antoine Chambe

Musician Antoine Chambe collaborates with Grammy nominee Jimmy Burney

 Image credit: Nicolas Burlot Finding yourself lost after discovering that your partner or friend has not been truthful with their words and becomes distant soon after is one of the worst feelings. The frustration and sadness that are bound to result after much patience are inevitable. Synth infused and awe-inspiring, Antoine Chambe has shared his [Continue]

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Daft Punk, The Keplerians, The Weeknd Daft Punk, The Keplerians, The Weeknd

Cosmic electronic band The Keplerians share Spaceship Earth EP

Image credit: MADSTudios Stream/Download: Spaceship Earth High-vibing electronic pop outfit The Keplerians have released their new ‘Spaceship Earth’ EP via Portuguese label Blim Records. A futuristic ride into cosmic dance territory, this high-energy three-track offering is supercharged with punch, positivity and a sense of adventure. The title track presents its first taste. The Keplerians are [Continue]

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Clams Casino, Holy Other,sweeep, Lorn Clams Casino, Holy Other,sweeep, Lorn

Dark electronic musician sweeep shares delightfully eerie song ‘crise’

            Image credit: Nemo Hinders Stocklassa Up and coming music producer sweeep has unveiled her latest single ‘crise’, which is set to feature on her next album wake up before u die. ‘crise’ is one of those rare electronic tracks that grip you from the start with its delightfully eerie charm. Elements of witch house filter [Continue]

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