SLIM Concepts

SLIM is a Task-Based, Lightweight LIMS system

It is focused toward dynamic activities that are relevant to users such as laboratory technicians, sales-people and warehousing.

These user-groups need quick, straightforward and mobile tools to perform efficiently.


1-task synthian-apps, to streamline common tasks and improve productivity by reducing the time spent interacting with the LIMS


Feed-based pages for viewing and creating data - with their own built-in streamlined tools


Slim is fully integrated with Synthian-Sofa, allowing you to transfer live data and view data generated in more complex Sofa methods

SLIM Concepts

Is Slim a full-featured LIMS system?


Many LIMS systems are too big, too resource-intensive for mobile, and perform poorly in real Laboratories. They are often created as an add-on to traditional ERP software, built to manage enterprise-level data, generate reports and so on. SLIM takes a different approach, based on improved User-Experience/User-Interaction.

Our priority is to make generating and pre-processing data as easy as possible, streamline tasks, and reduce the amount of time and headache your staff spend in the system. This means SLIM works much better for staff, who have little interest in LIMS systems beyond simply getting their job done.

SLIM can then interface with more traditional ERP software, which is more satisfying for back-room staff.