Compatibilities & Components


Featured Compatible Products & Components

Each of these product components enables some aspect of Synthian's connected laboratory vision. Some are devices and peripherals, others are core software components

All Hardware & Peripherals User Features Core Functions

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Computer Vision

Generate Data from your video streams

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VWR Support

Control and collect data from VWR instruments

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Database Support

Send Data to remote or Local Databases

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Electronic Lab Notebooks

Direct Upload to popular ELNs

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Python Scripting

Use python to write intelligent controllers

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Mobile Devices

Native support for mobile devices

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Experiment Creator

Build multi-device experiment processes

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Device Hubs

Connect >10 instruments to one micro hub

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Serial Adapters

USB-Serial adapter for device control

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LAN Adapters

LAN switches for connecting 4,8 Lan devices

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Wifi and Networking

Wireless or wired remote operation on your network

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Barcode Capture

Tag Datapoints with barcode information

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Cloud Compatible

Cloud Storage / Cloud Hosted