Why Automate Data Collection With Synthian?

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0 % Data Errors/Loss Eliminated
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Collect data, Control your equipment and Track your processes

Synthian's Visionary product is built to transform the way that scientists work. We cut out materials tracking and manual data collection from even the most basic scientific equipment, allowing you to get more done.

With our system your team no longer needs to waste productive hours per day on data entry and collecting results - Saving you thousands per employee

Analytical Labs

Using our mobile-friendly system, you can Collect data, Track reagents, Locate Samples. Streamline your processes, reduce errors and completely eliminate manual data entry

Research & Development

Design, Execute and Monitor experiments across many pieces of Equipment. View live data and video feeds from anywhere and collate results into Electronic Lab Notebooks

Production, Quality & Management

Continuously generate data from equipment for Control Charting and Track reagent/feed batches for Quality Assurance. Monitor key KPIs while saving time and Labour